Can’t Find Your Local Distributor?

If you can’t find a Local Distributor in/near your area, click below to order directly.


Kelli Collins

Scottsdale, AZ
Call Now: 678-592-6761


Marisol Horta

Zeus and Ariel’s Paw
Los Angeles County & Orange County
Seal Beach, CA 90740
Call Now: 818-900-8208

Pam Ridley

Movable Feast LLC
Santa Monica, California
Call Now: 310-924-9883

Nona Griesert

Sacramento, CA
Call Now: 530-957-9614


Diann Yandrich & John Hendershot

Two Bears Raw Diets
Erie, Colorado
Call Now: 303-828-5196


Marilyn Angelena
Tallahassee, FL (Panhandle)
Call Now: 407-245-7350

Kevin Charles

Tampa Bay Area 34205
Call Now: 419-349-4156

Mickey Bill

Florida, Ocala
Call Now: 315-399-3617


Wasabi's Pet Store

1011 Memorial Drive, Griffin, GA 30224
(Central Georgia)
Call Now: 470-655-6634


Rob Schurbon

Raw Advantage Pet Foods
Cedar Rapids, IA 52411
Call Now: 319-560-5703


Carone Hyman

Waterford, MI
Call Now: 248-515-2720


Lincoln Prins

Bozeman, MT 59772
Call Now: (319) 431-6044

New Hampshire

Eric Ferrari

Mont Vernon, NH 03057
Call Now: (470) 729-3649

New Jersey

John Berardi

Call Now: 908-380-0501

North Carolina

Elise Price

Dog Country
Marshville, NC
Call Now: 727-330-0606


Marian Stan

Kent, WA
Call Now: 425-329-9996